NewsUPDATED October 2004

If you have been a regular visitor to you've noticed that we havenot been accepting new questions for quite some time -- and you are right. Moreover, the knowledge base still contains unanswered questions.Why? Simple, the popularity of this site has exceeded anything we hadprojected and planned for. In other words, the amount of work to completehas surpassed our current resources (meaning money). Does this mean pt.comis going away? No. Does this mean will have all the outstandingquestions answered by tomorrow? No. What this mean is that until therevenue stream is fixed, this site is in maintainance mode. We will keepyou posted as the situation develops.
HEY! YOU! Name the source for your question, OK? In an effort to compile a databaseof answers, we need to know who gave you the question. It's no big deal ifit is not froma textbook -- if the question comes from an instructor give us the name of the class and the instructors name. is international
As of May 1 PT has taken hits from 29 countries outside the US. We arevery excited about this level of international contact. Moreover, we arelooking forward to international physics quizzes. I wonder if we couldsomething in real time...